Weary Road Book Trailer

The story of the Thirteenth Illinois Infantry and their Arkansas dog has never been told. Until Now

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Devil’s Backbone Series Wins Sixth Award

The fans of this series deserve a big thanks from me.



I’ve seen readers of all ages fall in love with these books but I never expected the series to win the awards it has. Thanks for the great reviews and support! #ReluctantReaders Rule!

The Devil’s Backbone

The Devil’s Trap

The Devil’s Den

The Devil’s Backbone Series Sale

Contact  SilverInkBooks@Windstream.net

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Author Visits For Schools And How to Approach The Reluctant Reader Creature

When it comes to school visits, I like to do things a little different. If you look at the picture below, which was taken  at Fulbright Junior High in Bentonville, Arkansas, you will notice some things are missing.

A Stage. A Microphone. A Huge Assembly of Students.

While working with small groups, 100 or less, requires me to repeat the same session 3-5 times each author visit, it’s worth the extra effort. I connect with students more effectively in this manner, allowing direct interaction. Kids are much less intimidated by their fellow students in small groups, allowing them to ask questions freely and join discussions. It gives kids the feeling of being included in the process instead of simply watching a show up on the stage.



Thinking back on my memories of being a young reluctant reader, I must warn you about something. There are certain students who require a different approach.

Some reluctant readers are mysterious creatures. Approach carefully, stealthily, or they will dash to the door!

I was one of those.

My only advice would be this. Do not come at them with books in your hands, offering something to read. This is the equivalent of Superman’s kryptonite. They will immediately make a speedy exit or simply push away each book you offer. Instead, pull out your bag of tricks and get your reluctant readers to help you. Kids want to feel important and be treated like adults. Give them that opportunity by asking for their advice. The next time you need to buy a gift for your niece/nephew/child, find one of your reluctant readers and ask what is one of their favorite movies or games for the purpose of choosing a gift for your family member. Use that information to search for a related book and then ask for their advice again, saying you would like to give your friend/family member a book as part of the gift. Since the reluctant reader suggested the movie or game, ask if they would read some of the book and give their opinion on your choice. It sounds like a lot of work but this is how you can help young students discover their specific combination of story requirements that may ultimately get them hooked on reading. At the very least, you have directly involved them in the process of choosing a book and made them feel important.


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James Babb to Speak at the Arkansas EMT Parade of Lights, EMS Week, Hall of Fame Event

Arkansas author James Babb will be speaking at an event in Little Rock, Arkansas. Come to the Capitol building on May 23rd and show your support for an amazing group of professionals!


2018 Parade of Lights EMS Rally Program Agenda

Click the link below to download the Program Agenda

2018 Parade of Lights EMS Rally Program Agenda

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Arkansas Author is First – Two Time Winner of Historical Association’s Susannah DeBlack Award

James Babb’s first novel The Devil’s Backbone won the Arkansas Historical Association’s Susannah DeBlack award in 2015- pictured below.


In April 2018, Babb’s novel titled The Devil’s Den won the same award, making him the first two-time recipient – pictured below.


The Devil’s Den was published by Plum Street in 2017.

Babb writes historical fiction with a steady stream of action and adventure. His first series has drawn special attention from reluctant readers and racked up a total of six awards.

For author school visit information contact James at silverinkbooks @ windstream . net

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Introducing The Readers Are Leaders Scholarship

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 6.25.57 PM

James Babb started this Midland High School scholarship to benefit a former reluctant reader who now embraces the reading experience and the ability of a book to expand the student’s knowledge and imagination.

James was a reluctant reader when he attended Midland Schools. In his thirties, he became an author of historical fiction books for reluctant readers. The Readers Are Leaders Scholarship will be awarded to someone who did not give up on reading.

Click the link below for more information and to print the scholarship application.

Midland Scholarship

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Working Like A Dog On The Next Book!


Dogs hold a special place in our hearts. As you can see, our dogs love being in the water!

While researching my other books for reluctant readers (The Devil’s Backbone series) I came across the true story of an amazing dog from Arkansas. In an old book, I found a Civil War soldier’s account of this dog’s life. The story was short but contained just enough information to send me into a researching frenzy. It didn’t take long to realize the soldiers who found the dog had an important story that needed to be told too.

I’ve started writing this tale inspired by a true story and sincerely hope I can produce the quality and realism it deserves.

Wish me luck!

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Foreman School Visit

James visited Foreman recently and was delighted with how excited the students were about his books. It was a school visit that he will not forget. James was invited to eat with a few of the leaders of the reading counts program and enjoyed the meal and discussions.

“Foreman was great to me and I want to thank them for everything.” Lunch with the Author - Foreman

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Family Finds Todd’s Treasure!

“I want this treasure hunt to get kids out of the house and involved in history.”       __________Author James Babb

The treasure hunt is doing exactly that!


Family Solves Clues And Are First to Find Todd’s Treasure


Readers of Arkansas author James Babb’s historical fiction trilogy, THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE, THE DEVIL’S TRAP and THE DEVIL’S DEN, recently had the opportunity to go on a modern-day treasure hunt using clues from the story set near Fort Smith in 1881. The first to find the treasure could keep the items inside and sign the log, leaving the box for others to find. The little boy in THE DEVIL’S TRAP had hidden marbles, a necklace his father had worn, an arrowhead, a quartz crystal and several other items inside.

Bob Walter, from Batesville, and his granddaughter Ashlyn Latus, a first grader at Sequoyah Elementary in Russellville, used the clues from the books to successfully find the hidden treasure. According to Walters, he went through the books and marked everything he thought was a clue to the treasure location. Then he spent about a week researching Fort Smith and looking at old maps and historical accounts, trying to match clues to the ground. He said total research time was about two weeks.

Once in Fort Smith, the four generations of family – Walter’s mom, wife Kathy, daughter Sarah and her husband Robert Latus, and grandchildren Ashlyn and Zoey – spent several hours scouting out possible locations for the treasure. Once they had eliminated all areas but one, they spent about an hour searching for a particular match to an important clue. Walter said his granddaughter Ashlyn figured out the clue, and a short time later began to scream, “We found it! We found it!” In addition to the items from the story, Ashlyn Latus wins free autographed books, a free author visit from James Babb to her school, and a pizza party.

“I will always remember Ashlyn’s expression when she opened the box. It was a mixture of excitement, joy and happiness. She will not forget this experience, ever.”        ___________Bob Walter


Bob’s family will receive the prizes for being the first to find the treasure but the hunt is not over. Take your family on an adventure they will not soon forget. Go look for Todd’s Treasure.




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The Devil’s Den Book launch giveaway results!

The winners!

There were 590 entries in the contest!

1st Prize! There were 590 entries in The Devil’s Den book launch giveaway. 1st prize winner is Robert Reames! He wins a nights stay at one of The Devil’s Den State Park cabins, a year pass to the Fort Smith Historic Site, a free pass for two to the Fort Smith Museum, and ICE CREAM! And a signed copy of book one, The Devil’s Backbone. Congrats Robert.

2nd Prize in The Devil’s Den book launch giveaway. 2rd prize winner is Martha Roper Blackwell! She wins the knife and deer call! Congrats Martha.

3rd prize winner is Jennifer Money Rhoades! She wins two fishing reels and rods, and a pack of fishing lures! Congrats Jennifer.


Book Launch Flyer



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