Make your own book

Well, I made it through another 600 words today after work.

Last night, I did something that I hope will speed up the process, when I get ready for the second round of editing.

I printed a copy of my book and turned it into-well. A book!

First I printed two pages per sheet that were two-sided. Then, I used a paper cutter to cut the pages in half. I put the pages in order, making sure the left edges were even, and then clamped them together. I used some clamps from the office and two wooden rulers, one along the top edge and one underneath. We had some wood glue, so I applied a coat of it to the exposed edges of the pages that I had clamped between the rulers.

This morning, the glue was dry. I cut a piece of hard stock that was a little larger than the book pages, and bent it around to make a cover. Once I had it shaped to the spine, I took it back off and applied more glue. I put it back in place and clamped it.

Now I am holding my book. I plan to take it with us when we go on vacation. It will be easier to lug around than the laptop.

Being able to hold your work in your hand and read it in actual book form makes it different, somehow. I’m hoping it makes for a different editing experience.

It’s small and easy to carry. It’s not a real book, so you don’t feel bad writing in it. You can mark all of your mistakes and ideas. Low batteries aren’t an issue. You can get a real look at how your book will appear on paper. It gives you a visual indication of chapters that are too short or too long. There are no loose pages to fall out, like a printed manuscript. You can take your corrected work and use it to update the word file.

So far, I love the idea.

I’ll let you know if it’s as good as I hope.

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