Dicho’s Books

Find out what independent bookstore owners think. Hear them answer important questions about the book world and how they feel about publishers, authors, fair trade tax, big box stores, and the internet.

Click the button below and listen to an interview with Dichos Books in Plano Texas.

An interesting trend I am starting to see? It seems that independent bookstores avoid some of the best selling authors.

Why? They are not willing to play the price game that the big box stores play. I believe it makes good sense.

Who loses? So far, it looks like the best selling authors lose. Their books are not landing in independent bookstores because the small guys can’t compete with the giants.

Dichos offers: FREE Shipping
Any Book

Enter Coupon code BOOKS
when checking out.

We’re definitely not your typical bookstore. We have a warm inviting atmosphere and the music within the store takes our customers back to a simpler time. You’ll hear the liks of Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday & Dinah Washington. We sell lighting, birdfeeders, accent pieces for the home and garden. Tin Toys, Antique Rocking Horses and Pull toys. Our pieces are unique in a sense that you won’t find them in any of the big box retailers. We greet everyone that walks in the door and we’re there to introduce or customers to authors they normally would not pick up. We’re the little bookstore with big deams! and we offer Free Shipping! Any Book! Anytime! Anywhere in the World!! all our books usually ship within 24 hours.

Dichos Books sends a newsletter out to an impressive list of over four-thousand email subscribers!

If you are a bookstore owner or a book lover who wants to contact Dichos, you can click their logo above or call them at 972-202-8581

 Do you own a bookstore? Are you an author? Do you love books?

If so, leave a comment about the business, the craft, or your addiction to reading, and you will be entered for a chance to win a FREE BOOK!

R.T. won the book for the last post. See how easy it is?

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8 thoughts on “Dicho’s Books

  1. KT

    I promise I didn’t comment on the last post just to win the book, but thanks! anyway.

    It is interesting that both of these bookstores said they try not to stock the same best sellers as the larger stores.

    I think publishers and authors should take note of this.
    It will be interesting to see if other bookstores give you the same information.
    Thanks for the good post and the Book!

  2. Pageturner

    These interviews have got me wondering… if bookstores are avoiding the best sellers because the big chain stores can deeply discount them, and the independents are also struggling with lost sales to ebooks, do you think that a lot of independents will be closing?

    And if they do, where will all the future best-selling authors get their start?

  3. Well that is a scary thought. New authors almost always get their start in the independents.

    I tend to think bookstore owners are a tough sort and will hang in there.

    If you’re a new author, then support the local bookstores! They will love you for it and possibly even hand sell your work.

  4. irene Sakioka

    I Love independent book stores! In fact I have been in Dicho’s, Piano. What I like about the independent stores is their Customer Service. Nobody cares about the customer any more. It’s nice to go into Dicho’s and they can help you pick out a book or an author you might not have considered but they know their stuff. I say shop independent or soon they will be a thing of the past.

  5. andrea gehrke

    This looks like a bookstore I would love. Not just for the books, but because of the other intriguing items as well. Glad the independent owners have found a way to circumvent big store monopolies. Oh, and enjoyed hearing your voice, James.

  6. Thom Crochet

    I’ve known Dichos from their humble beginning in Pamona, Ca, to Plano, TX and it’s not luck that they survive. The owners understand that real book lovers are savvy people who know and appreciate anything that is well done. Everything in Dichos is nicely done, including displays of toys and other goods, as well as the variety of books and the hospitality/service. They pay attention to their customers not the latest trends- and who doesn’t like that kind of personal attention?

  7. Wonderful comments, everyone.
    Dichos seems like a great place to shop!

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