Can Cancer Be Beaten?

You Can Beat Cancer

Absolutely, beyond any shadow of doubt, people diagnosed with cancer today have a better chance of survival than at any time in our history.


Cancer has been with us as far back as the Egyptians. An ancient textbook from Egypt that dates to 3000 B.C. describes tumors and ulcers, and the attempted cauterization treatment. It goes on to say ‘there is no cure.’

The word “Cancer” was derived from the Greek word “Carcinos” (word for Crab) and was translated to the Latin word “Cancer” (Latin word for Crab).

In the 19th century the modern microscope came into use for studying diseased tissues.  It allowed the pathologist to tell the surgeon whether the operation had completely removed the cancer. Most doctors at the time agreed that once removed, the cancer would return.

Antique surgeon's tools

To have cancer in the eighteen hundreds and early nineteen hundreds meant a death sentence. That idea was then passed down from generation to generation, and the belief that cancer could not be cured persisted into the very recent past. Some, even today, believe that seeing a doctor will not increase their chances of survival.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Fiber-optic technology and miniature cameras allow doctors to see inside the body. Special instruments can be inserted through small incisions and into tubes, allowing surgeons to remove tumors. Endoscopic surgery is common and a much less intrusive procedure than our ancestors endured. Cryosurgery, lasers, and radio waves are only a few of the treatments available.

Antique exam table

            In the nineteen seventies, about one of every two people diagnosed with cancer survived at least five years, only fifty percent. Now, that number has risen to more than seventy-five percent. In the United States, there are over eleven million cancer survivors. More people are beating cancer than ever before. Being told you have cancer is no longer the death sentence from the eighteen hundreds.

            When the doctor says the dreaded “C” word to you, don’t let yourself get too far down.  It’s normal to get depressed, mad, worried, and panicked (not in any particular order) but don’t give up!

            So many good things can be said about advances in medicine, but even the best treatments in the world pale in comparison to the human will-to-live.

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One thought on “Can Cancer Be Beaten?

  1. I appreciate your post. It is good to see encouraging words about the “C” word! I work in a medical office and have for the past 30 years. I have been able to observe with my own eyes what medical progress has accomplished in this period of time. It is astounding! More heart warming is the determination and will of the dear ones going through these challenges.

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