Get Your Novel Critiqued! First Chapter For Free!

I have subscribed to Robert Bacon’s Newsletter for many years.

It was through his newsletter that I learned his company, The Perfect Write, offered a free first chapter critique.

 Robert took the first five-thousand words of one of my novels The Devil’s Backbone – and pointed out things that would make it read smoother. He offered pointers on my dialog, and gave his opinion on the storyline. All for Free.

Who wouldn’t like to get another opinion on their work?

I did go on to use Robert’s editing service, but it wasn’t because of pressure from his company. The free critique was simply that, no strings attached.

I would recommend The Perfect Write to anyone who is in the process of writing a novel. They also offer other writer’s services that I will be considering in the future. Plus, the newsletter is free and always packed full of valuable information.


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