The Walking Stick – Education In Nature

My wife always seems to find things. Very often I hear, “You’ve got to come look at this!” Then, I know she’s found another critter.

A few months ago she found two amazing walking sticks in the woods behind our house. One was the largest I had ever seen and the other had the brightest colors.

big stick

This brute’s body was around ten inches long!

There are over 3,000 species of walking sticks. The largest known lives in Borneo and grows to thirteen inches.

All walking sticks are herbivores, so you don’t have to worry about them eating you!

bright stick

This one is smaller but has some of the brightest colors I’ve seen.

They are the best at camouflage, looking just like twigs and sticks. Some species can fly!
While my wife managed to find these during the day, they are mostly nocturnal and feed at night.

The walking stick is a creepy looking insect but harmless.
It’s amazing what you can find and learn about in your own backyard.

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One thought on “The Walking Stick – Education In Nature

  1. Not two that I’d choose to have in my walking stick collection, but pretty nonetheless.

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