Bobcat In November – Education In Nature

Picture your pet cat, except double in size, spotted coat, large paws, tufts of hair on the tips of the ears, and a short tail. The bobcat is the most common wild cat in the Untied States.

They eat just about anything they can catch, including baby deer(fawns), rodents, rabbits, and birds.

Bobcats live 6-10years in the wild and up to 25years in captivity.

Despite being threatened in the 1900’s, the cat population is very stable now with at least 1-million bobcats in the wild.

Last year (2012) I captured a young cat on film. They are beautiful animals. You can hear me making squeaking sounds in the video to make the bobcat stop. He went into the brush and I turned the camera off, thinking he was gone, but he hid and stalked the animal(me) that was making the squeaking sound. After a few minutes, he came out of the brush and crossed to the other side, but I wasn’t quick enough to get any more film.


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