Massive Oak Tree – Education In Nature

Oak trees are known for their strength. We found a rather large one on our property last year.


This one is over twenty feet around and six feet thick. An educated guess would put this tree somewhere around 288 years old. Go HERE to estimate a tree’s age without having to cut it down or bore into it.

That means an acorn fell to the ground sometime around the year 1725 and started this tree’s story. (Before the Revolutionary War!)

There are around 600 species of oaks.

A mature oak will produce about 2,000 acorns per year. A monster like this one will more than double that number. People all through history have been using the acorn for food. HERE is a neat article explaining how the Indians made acorn flour.

Even though this tree is a big one, it’s dwarfed in size by The Angel Oak – Located in South Carolina. It’s also called ‘The Millennium Tree’  and is Situated in Angel Oak Park. It has grown to be 65 feet tall and 9 feet wide. Estimates reveal that this tree is around 1,000 years or more.
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2 thoughts on “Massive Oak Tree – Education In Nature

  1. Breath of fresh air. Thank you so much and love the picture!

  2. Only a comment. I couldn’t find share buttons…Maybe it’s me…

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