How To Make A Bookshelf Out of Old Books

Take some old reader’s digest books and make an amazing shelf!


Things you will need.


Twelve old reader’s digest hardcover books, a razor blade or knife, Wood glue, 2″x6″ Lumber, clamps and tools.

Step 1

Remove the covers from the books by cutting with knife or razor. Even an old rusty one will work!


It should look like this after it’s removed.


Now you should have twelve covers like this…


Step 2

Wrap two covers around a 2×6 and mark how much of the board they cover.


Mark a straight line across the board and cut. You will need two of these boards the same size.


Step 3

Now repeat step 2 but use three book covers to get your measurements. You will need two of these boards the same size.


Step 4

Repeat step 2 again but this time use one book cover to get your measurements. You will need two of these. When you are finished, you should have six boards.


Step 5

Glue ONE side of your long and medium boards.


Make sure you leave one side unglued.


Step 6

Wrap your covers around your medium and long boards and turn them so the glued side is on bottom and then clamp.


Step 7

Wrap a cover around each of your short boards and glue both sides. These two boards will be your shelves. When they are dry(about 30minutes), you should have six ‘book’ covered boards like this.


Step 8

Lay your pieces on a flat surface and keep the sides you haven’t glued on the outside.(Left,Right,Top,Bottom). Get your spacing even for the shelves and glue the ends if you wish.


Step 9

Raise your unglued flaps and nail or screw into your shelves. Repeat this to attach the sides to the top and bottom.



When you are finished, it should look like this.


Step 10

Glue and clamp all of your loose/unglued covers.


Step 11 (optional)

If you want a back on the center section of your shelf, cut a thin piece of plywood and attach.


You’re done! Enjoy your ‘Book’shelf!20150221_161848

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One thought on “How To Make A Bookshelf Out of Old Books

  1. Very nice idea! 😉

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