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20131228_104300In the late eighteen-hundreds, fourteen year old Brody and his parents are starving.


Young Brody sets out to save his family, but could never have imagined where the dangerous journey would take him, or how much a terrible accident can change a life.

Order The Devil’s Backbone Paperback at Plum Street Publishers HERE or Amazon HERE.

Order the ebook at Amazon HERE.

Order the Hardcover at Barnes&Noble HERE or at Books-a-Million HERE or at Amazon HERE

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Order The Devil’s Trap soft cover at Plum Street Publishers HERE or Amazon HERE

Order the Kindle version HERE

Learn about the Indian Territory killer and inspiration for part of The Devil’s Trap HERE


Order The Devil’s Den at Plum Street Publishers HERE or Amazon HERE.


IPPY Award winning series! 

ibdbadgePlease visit my fellow IPPY Winners in Juvenile fiction for 2014…

Gold Medal Winner, Michael Selden with “The Boy Who Ran”. Visit his site HERE


Silver Medal Winner, Darby Karchut with “Fin Finnegan”. Her web site can be found HERE


22 thoughts on “My Books

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  3. Allison Martin

    James, I’m looking forward to reading your book. How exciting! I love historical fiction and so do my fourth grade students. Any news on when it will be out? By the way, I just “Googled” your name and found your website. Pretty cool! I know my students will be so excited to read a book written by someone from their very own school (me too)!!

    • Hey Allison. Great to hear from you. Proof copies arrive next week. I have one marked for you!
      I wrote this novel for reluctant boy readers. It may be a tiny bit advanced for some fourth grade students but it’s family friendly and full of adventure.
      I have other teachers telling me to contact Ken Stamatis with Arkansas Dept. of Education. My fingers are crossed.
      Please give me any feedback, good or bad. I’d love to come speak to your class or any others who want me.
      Thanks so much!

      • Allison Martin

        We are SO excited! I pulled up your website and showed it to my class! They can’t wait to read it and meet you!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!
        Mrs. Martin’s 4th grade class family
        P.S. the whole class said they want to get a copy 🙂

  4. Tara Petty

    I have my media specialists and kiddos interested in a visit. Can you give me some details? How much do you charge and when will you be in the Vilonia area? Maybe we could get Beebe, Cabot or Conway to schedule a visit on the same day?
    So proud for you James!

    • Hi Tara! I’d love to come to Vilonia.
      Tell your ‘kiddos’ that I can’t wait to meet them.
      I bring a Civil War chest with me and basically do a show and tell to help students realize how different times were in the 1800’s.
      And don’t forget to tell everyone the ebook is free tomorrow Sept.25th one day only!
      My wife is scheduling everything for me. Please contact her at silverinkbooks@ windstream dot net
      Or you can contact me on facebook.
      I’ll need to know how many classes you would like for me to speak to.
      Thanks so much.

  5. Veheda Griffin

    Hi James,
    I had your book “The Devil’s Backbone” reserved on Amazon and when I went to place my order it was unavailable. Do you know when I will be able to get it? Phyllis is having a fit to read it and to think your dear old cousin cannot get a copy. I did order “Batty Wants to be a Bird” for my little grandson. So happy for you. Veheda Griffin

    • Hello to the Griffins!
      Great to hear from you. I’m told they are printing second editions with some minor changes to the cover. It should be available in a few days. Thank you very much. Give Phyllis a big hug and hello for me.

  6. Jim Arnold

    I just finished reading “The Devil’s Backbone.” It can only be described with one word – AWESOME! I highly recommend “The Devil’s Backbone” to readers of all ages. James is an outstanding story teller. I can’t wait to read the sequel.

  7. Thank you, Mr. Arnold!

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  9. Mayfan Thomas -Paper Chase Book Store

    The Devil’s Backbone is our reading groups book for the month of November (Audrey”s selection)
    How can I order copies for our bookstore- “The Paper Chase Book Store” in Batesville, AR/

  10. KaleighGriffis

    I just finished reading The Devil’s Trap and was wondering when the release date is for the third book in the series. I want to purchase it as soon as possible! Your stories are very well written and very enticing. I have stayed up late the last two nights to read it. I just can’t put it down once I start reading. That is a sign of a talented author. I first heard of your book when you came to Crossett Elementary School (I am a teacher there). Can’t wait to read about Brody’s next adventure!

    • Hi Kaleigh. Thanks for leaving a message. I really appreciate it. Crossett was an amazing school and I enjoyed my visit there. The last book in the series is almost finished. I haven’t been given a release date yet but it will be later this year, probably December. I’ll know something soon. Thanks so much for your kind words!

  11. Kirk Dietrich

    You need to send these books to a film producer. Great adventure movie this could be. In fact, I’m kind of embarrassed to say that I ordered your book thinking it was by the other James Babb of Grey’s Sporting Journal. Funny though, I really enjoyed the Backbone not wanting to put it down and immediately ordered Devil and just finished it. So, I’m thinking to myself, that book was a really easy to read book but such a fantastic story; it could be turned into a movie. Man, I kept burning through the pages eager to see what was around the corner. Then, I noticed on the cover that it is labeled Juvenile Fiction! – a note I had missed the whole time I was reading. I, a 54 year old just thoroughly enjoyed a book written for juveniles. Congratulations. Nice work!

    • Kirk, I really appreciate you taking time to leave a message! Sometimes mistakes can be a good thing. I’m glad you accidently purchased the book. The last one will release next year and I hope you accidentally buy it too!
      Sometimes authors need a ltitle emotional boost. You gave me mine with your kind words. Thanks!

  12. Kirk Dietrich

    You bet. Look forward to the last one.

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