The Devil’s Trap New Middle Grade Novel Arkansas

Here it is! It’s release day for The Devil’s Trap.

Please take a look and help spread the word!

James needs your reviews on Amazon for this award-winning series.



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A Sneak Peek Inside The Devil’s Trap – New Novel Coming Sept. 12th by Arkansas Author

Here’s a sneak peek inside James Babb’s new novel The Devil’s Trap! Historical fiction set in Arkansas and Indian Territory 1881.

Please enjoy and spread the news.

Todd stumbled over and over. Brody yanked him up each time and pulled him onward, until Todd fell and wouldn’t get up. Straining and pulling, Brody tried to drag him but was too exhausted.

Realizing he couldn’t go any farther and wouldn’t be able to see this thing coming, Brody grabbed at his shirt pocket. He found some jerky and tossed it down. Deeper in the pocket, he felt what he was looking for, the two extra matches from the night before.

After raking leaves and sticks into a pile, he placed one of the matches against the gun barrel. He pressed the tip to strike it, but it crumbled and broke apart.

The thing in the woods grunted and came closer. Straining to see the animal, Brody pointed the Henry in the direction of the noise and fired. The footfalls moved off and circled around.

With fumbling fingers, Brody tried to strike his last match. He raked it along the barrel but nothing happened. He tried again and again. Running his thumb and finger along the match, he found it was upside down. He flipped it around, struck it against the gun, and it sprang to life. Brody shoved the match against the dead leaves and the fire spread.

Todd sat up. In the flickering light, he stared at the flames with a blank expression, then crawled closer to the growing fire and curled up on the ground.

Brody tossed more wood on the fire. The ring of light spread outward. “Todd, are you all right?”

Todd didn’t move.

A gurgling sound came from close by. Shifting quickly, Brody pointed his gun toward the blackness. He was terrified of this creature, but he was desperate to stay alive.

As fast as he could, he grabbed dead limbs and sticks and threw them on the fire. Light was keeping this thing away. Light was keeping them alive. Darkness would bring death.

Knowing he had fired several times, he pulled the Henry’s lever down to check the chamber. The gun was empty. Fear coursed through him until he remembered the shell he had dropped. Frantically, he fished the last cartridge out of his pant’s pocket. Standing, he shoved his last bullet into the Henry and aimed toward the wall of darkness beyond the firelight. As the fire died back, the light shrank and Brody listened intently.


He couldn’t see past the fading firelight, nor did he hear anything else for a while, nothing but the crackling of the flames. He hoped if he hadn’t hit it, at least he had scared it away. He breathed a sigh of relief and scrounged for tinder as far into the pressing dark as he dared.


A loud crack startled him. It was still there.


A burning limb crumbled, sending up a shower of sparks before it died away to glowing embers. The ring of light halved in size. He heard soft footfalls just beyond the light.


Brody tossed more limbs on the fire and watched the light quickly grow. He caught movement of a dark shadow. The butt of the gun was on his shoulder in a second, but the monster had already moved deeper into the woods.


He lowered the rifle. There could be no more wild shots. There was only one bullet left.


Little Todd was lying next to the fire. The shocked and exhausted boy was still unconscious, defenseless.


Brody recalled the dying man by the creek. He had been gouged and scored multiple times by this strange two-clawed creature.


He tightened his jaw. As long as he was still alive, he wouldn’t let the same thing happen to Todd.

Far across the mountains, the sky lit up. Lightening danced a jagged path across the sky, and moments later deep thunder boomed. Brody waited for the sound to die away. He put the last stick into the precious fire.

Please, please… don’t let it rain.

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What Is It?

What Is It?

Click your best guess before scrolling down.









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Never Give Up! Cancer Does Not Rule You. National Cancer Survivors Day

No matter what, stay positive and never give up. 


A few years ago I was at the number one cancer hospital in the United States. I was to be placed on an experimental drug but after running some test, they removed me from the study and informed my wife and I that my cancer was back.

The study drug specialist looked at the scans and said my cancer had returned, this time in my throat.

My doctor examined the results and ran a scope down my throat and confirmed the cancer was present.

My surgeon followed next with the same results.

Later in the day, we met with the radiologists and he agreed with the others. The news was grim. It was inoperable and would need extensive treatments.

We were sent home to make arrangements for a stay in Houston. My family and friends got behind me with plenty of prayer and support. A few days later, we returned to the hospital and I was to have my wisdom teeth removed, preparing me for radiation. It was during this procedure that the doctors would do multiple biopsies to determine the extent and type of cancer.

When I woke from the surgery I noticed my doctor had a surprised look on her face. “You don’t have cancer,” she said.

Had the experts at the best cancer hospital in the United States been wrong? I doubt it.

Never Give Up. Stay Positive!

My story is included in an anthology coming out this year by Nancy Kennedy.

UnknownBook cover with IPPY AwardAnd be sure to check out my award-winning novel, The Devil’s Backbone

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What Is It?

What is it? 


Click your best answer below and then scroll down.






















If you like action/adventure novels, take a look at James Babb’s books – especially his award winning book, The Devils Backbone – HERE


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Bright Field Middle School Makes A Book Trailer For The Devil’s Backbone

I think they did a fine job!

If your school would like to make its version of a trailer for the book, I’d love to post it here for everyone to see.

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What Is It? Do YOU Know?

Pick your best answer below, before looking at the second picture.




To See





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The Devil’s Trap Cover Reveal – April 17th

image_863386The second novel in this series, The Devil’s Trap, is in the editing process! The cover will be released on April 17th. The novel will come out this fall.

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AAIM Conference With S.A. Bodeen The Raft, The Compound

The AAIMs Conference was GREAT! I loved meeting the other authors and media specialist.

Enjoyed visiting with fellow author S.A. Bodeen.

James and Bodeen

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5 Reasons Historical Fiction Authors Should Research

Research is one of the most important parts of writing historical fiction but it also takes the most time. My second novel in the Brody series, The Devil’s Trap, is set in 1881.

That’s why I found a trapping expert and learned everything I could. I’m not a trapper and I don’t trap but now I can write about it.


Why should authors research? 

5. When authors do their research it gives their novel a more professional and real life feel. How can they describe Hoars Frost, if they’ve never been out in the woods and seen it?

4. It provides opportunity for better description and detail in the novel, things the author wouldn’t have thought of. Describing a catfish is easy enough but many authors wouldn’t think of describing the sound associated with catfish, unless they had gone fishing in the name of research. They make a grunting, croaking type of sound and that little bit of knowledge adds more detail the author probably hadn’t considered.

3. Hands-on research educates the author and gives him fodder for other works or story ideas. The more you learn about something, the easier it is to write about it. While researching, authors sometimes come up with other story ideas and since they’ve already done the leg-work, it makes their job much simpler for a second project.

2. It keeps the reader committed-especially professionals. I read a story once that had the villain shocking someone with nothing but a car battery and some wires. I worked in car electronics for years and knew the author didn’t do their research. It removed me from the story and I had trouble enjoying the rest of the novel.

1. Keeping the facts as straight as possible, gives the novel a chance of being used in the classroom. If authors are relaxed about their research, then educators will have to cherry pick what their students should take note of. This becomes extra work for teachers and can cause confusion for the students.

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