Real Life Treasure Hunt! Todd’s Treasure


Todd’s Treasure Is Out There!

Get ready. When The Devil’s Den is released, you will have all the clues you need!


Brody and Todd hid the treasure box in 1881 and it was never found. It’s there and if you are the first to find it, you can keep Todd’s Treasures! You can use clues in this series of books to get you there.

You will have to read carefully to discover everything you’ll need. Just remember that it’s been at least 136 years since the box was hidden. The landscape will have changed greatly. The trees will have grown and so has Fort Smith.

Please read how Brody hid the box. It is not buried. You will not need a shovel. Please do not dig any holes. Use a compass and your brain and go for it.

Before you head out, be sure to check James’ blog at If you find Todd’s Treasure, the items inside are yours to keep but leave the box for others to find. Please follow directions on the blog and send a photo of yourself at the site. James will ship you an autographed book to the first person to find Todd’s Treasure!

If you check the blog and see that the treasure has already been found, feel free to go on the hunt anyway. Leave a note in the box, or anything you wish. Send a photo, proving you found Todd’s Treasure Box and your picture will be placed on James’ website and he will send you an autographed bookmark.

Happy hunting!

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