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Free School Visit? The Devil’s Den Treasure Hunt Update

The Hunt Has Started!

The Devil’s Den book has been released and the treasure hunt has started. Many of the items inside have been listed on this website and one of them has created much interest, a FREE school visit.  If the person who finds the treasure is a student, James will visit their school for free. If the finder is not a student, then James will visit an Arkansas school of their choice.

While hunting for the treasure, you will not need to trespass on anyone’s personal property and you will not need to dig. No Digging.

Good Luck!

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Get Ready! The Devil’s Den Treasure Hunt starts soon!


This is one of the items in Todd’s Treasure Box. It’s a real arrowhead like Todd had in The Devil’s Trap. This tiny arrowhead was actually found by the author while he was hunting in Arkansas.

Brody and Todd hid the treasure box in 1881 and it was never found. It’s hidden in Fort Smith and if you are the first to find it, you can keep Todd’s Treasures! You can use clues in this series of books to get you there. The Devil’s Den will be released September 2017! Get your treasure hunting brain ready.

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The Devil’s Trap Cover Reveal – April 17th

image_863386The second novel in this series, The Devil’s Trap, is in the editing process! The cover will be released on April 17th. The novel will come out this fall.

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