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Todd’s Treasure Box Item – Fort Smith Map

Todd’s Treasure Is Out There!
Get ready. When The Devil’s Den is released, you will have all the clues you need!


This is one of the items in Todd’s Treasure Box. It’s a map of the Fort Smith area from the 1800’s. This is the map Joseph had in The Devil’s Trap. James used it when writing the Brody Martin series to help him with place names from the era.

Brody and Todd hid the treasure box in 1881 and it was never found. It’s there and if you are the first to find it, you can keep Todd’s Treasures! You can use clues in this series of books to get you there. The Devil’s Den will be released Sept. 2017! Get your treasure hunting brain ready.

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The Arkansas Association of School Librarians Conference 2016


James will be speaking at the Arkansas School Librarians Conference in Little Rock, Friday July 22nd.

At 9:15AM in the Hobby room you will hear James discuss writing, reluctant readers, and how kids are connecting with the Brody Martin series. If you have a question for the Q&A after his session, please send it to him at his Twitter or Facebook. Or email SilverinkBooks at


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Plum Street Acquires Third Book in James Babb’s Brody Martin series

The Devil’s Den has been picked up by a fine publisher Plum Street Publishers ! The new release date will be sometime in the spring of 2017. See press release below.


James Babb, author of The Devil’s Backbone and The Devil’s Trap, has signed with Plum Street Publishers, Inc. to publish the next book in his popular Brody Martin series. Devil’s Den, which takes Brody and other familiar characters into Indian Territory in the 1880s, is scheduled for publication in the spring of 2017.

Babb is originally from Pleasant Plains, Arkansas. He moved to Conway to attend college, where he met and married the love of his life. She transplanted him to De Queen a few years later so they could raise their two daughters close to extended family. During this time he developed a strange affliction known as Closet Writing, wherein story ideas are born but shelved in the mental closet. In 2008, a battle with cancer left him with much down time but no off switch for his imagination, and he began to take story crafting seriously.

Babb’s first historical adventure novel, The Devil’s Backbone, was released in 2013. A self-confessed “reluctant reader” in adolescence, Babb wrote for those same readers, who have embraced his vivid characters and taut narrative style. The Devil’s Backbone won a coveted national IPPY Award in juvenile fiction and was also selected by the Arkansas Historical Association as a winner of the Susannah DeBlack Award awarded to books for young readers.

The second book in the series, The Devil’s Trap, released in 2015, received recognition, along with The Devil’s Backbone, at the Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Babb continues to create stories as the inspiration strikes and his laptop battery remains charged.

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The Devil’s Trap New Middle Grade Novel Arkansas

Here it is! It’s release day for The Devil’s Trap.

Please take a look and help spread the word!

James needs your reviews on Amazon for this award-winning series.



Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 8.03.10 PM


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Never Give Up! Cancer Does Not Rule You. National Cancer Survivors Day

No matter what, stay positive and never give up. 


A few years ago I was at the number one cancer hospital in the United States. I was to be placed on an experimental drug but after running some test, they removed me from the study and informed my wife and I that my cancer was back.

The study drug specialist looked at the scans and said my cancer had returned, this time in my throat.

My doctor examined the results and ran a scope down my throat and confirmed the cancer was present.

My surgeon followed next with the same results.

Later in the day, we met with the radiologists and he agreed with the others. The news was grim. It was inoperable and would need extensive treatments.

We were sent home to make arrangements for a stay in Houston. My family and friends got behind me with plenty of prayer and support. A few days later, we returned to the hospital and I was to have my wisdom teeth removed, preparing me for radiation. It was during this procedure that the doctors would do multiple biopsies to determine the extent and type of cancer.

When I woke from the surgery I noticed my doctor had a surprised look on her face. “You don’t have cancer,” she said.

Had the experts at the best cancer hospital in the United States been wrong? I doubt it.

Never Give Up. Stay Positive!

My story is included in an anthology coming out this year by Nancy Kennedy.

UnknownBook cover with IPPY AwardAnd be sure to check out my award-winning novel, The Devil’s Backbone

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The Devil’s Trap Cover Reveal – April 17th

image_863386The second novel in this series, The Devil’s Trap, is in the editing process! The cover will be released on April 17th. The novel will come out this fall.

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AAIM Conference With S.A. Bodeen The Raft, The Compound

The AAIMs Conference was GREAT! I loved meeting the other authors and media specialist.

Enjoyed visiting with fellow author S.A. Bodeen.

James and Bodeen

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5 Reasons Historical Fiction Authors Should Research

Research is one of the most important parts of writing historical fiction but it also takes the most time. My second novel in the Brody series, The Devil’s Trap, is set in 1881.

That’s why I found a trapping expert and learned everything I could. I’m not a trapper and I don’t trap but now I can write about it.


Why should authors research? 

5. When authors do their research it gives their novel a more professional and real life feel. How can they describe Hoars Frost, if they’ve never been out in the woods and seen it?

4. It provides opportunity for better description and detail in the novel, things the author wouldn’t have thought of. Describing a catfish is easy enough but many authors wouldn’t think of describing the sound associated with catfish, unless they had gone fishing in the name of research. They make a grunting, croaking type of sound and that little bit of knowledge adds more detail the author probably hadn’t considered.

3. Hands-on research educates the author and gives him fodder for other works or story ideas. The more you learn about something, the easier it is to write about it. While researching, authors sometimes come up with other story ideas and since they’ve already done the leg-work, it makes their job much simpler for a second project.

2. It keeps the reader committed-especially professionals. I read a story once that had the villain shocking someone with nothing but a car battery and some wires. I worked in car electronics for years and knew the author didn’t do their research. It removed me from the story and I had trouble enjoying the rest of the novel.

1. Keeping the facts as straight as possible, gives the novel a chance of being used in the classroom. If authors are relaxed about their research, then educators will have to cherry pick what their students should take note of. This becomes extra work for teachers and can cause confusion for the students.

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Author James Babb Visits Vilonia Schools

Arkansas author James Babb visited students at Vilonia Middle School and Vilonia Elementary School Monday introducing them to his novel The Devil’s Backbone. The book, he said, appeals to most readers especially those who prefer…                   CLICK photo for story by Linda Hicks

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Author James Babb Invited to the AAIM Conference!

Author James Babb Invited to the AAIM Conference!

He will be presenting his novel, The Devil’s Backbone and coming sequel, The Devil’s Trap. It’s an amazing coincidence that the conference is being held in Fort Smith, AR this year–The same town The Devil’s Backbone is set in!


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