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Plum Street Acquires Third Book in James Babb’s Brody Martin series

The Devil’s Den has been picked up by a fine publisher Plum Street Publishers ! The new release date will be sometime in the spring of 2017. See press release below.


James Babb, author of The Devil’s Backbone and The Devil’s Trap, has signed with Plum Street Publishers, Inc. to publish the next book in his popular Brody Martin series. Devil’s Den, which takes Brody and other familiar characters into Indian Territory in the 1880s, is scheduled for publication in the spring of 2017.

Babb is originally from Pleasant Plains, Arkansas. He moved to Conway to attend college, where he met and married the love of his life. She transplanted him to De Queen a few years later so they could raise their two daughters close to extended family. During this time he developed a strange affliction known as Closet Writing, wherein story ideas are born but shelved in the mental closet. In 2008, a battle with cancer left him with much down time but no off switch for his imagination, and he began to take story crafting seriously.

Babb’s first historical adventure novel, The Devil’s Backbone, was released in 2013. A self-confessed “reluctant reader” in adolescence, Babb wrote for those same readers, who have embraced his vivid characters and taut narrative style. The Devil’s Backbone won a coveted national IPPY Award in juvenile fiction and was also selected by the Arkansas Historical Association as a winner of the Susannah DeBlack Award awarded to books for young readers.

The second book in the series, The Devil’s Trap, released in 2015, received recognition, along with The Devil’s Backbone, at the Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Babb continues to create stories as the inspiration strikes and his laptop battery remains charged.

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A Sneak Peek Inside The Devil’s Trap – New Novel Coming Sept. 12th by Arkansas Author

Here’s a sneak peek inside James Babb’s new novel The Devil’s Trap! Historical fiction set in Arkansas and Indian Territory 1881.

Please enjoy and spread the news.

Todd stumbled over and over. Brody yanked him up each time and pulled him onward, until Todd fell and wouldn’t get up. Straining and pulling, Brody tried to drag him but was too exhausted.

Realizing he couldn’t go any farther and wouldn’t be able to see this thing coming, Brody grabbed at his shirt pocket. He found some jerky and tossed it down. Deeper in the pocket, he felt what he was looking for, the two extra matches from the night before.

After raking leaves and sticks into a pile, he placed one of the matches against the gun barrel. He pressed the tip to strike it, but it crumbled and broke apart.

The thing in the woods grunted and came closer. Straining to see the animal, Brody pointed the Henry in the direction of the noise and fired. The footfalls moved off and circled around.

With fumbling fingers, Brody tried to strike his last match. He raked it along the barrel but nothing happened. He tried again and again. Running his thumb and finger along the match, he found it was upside down. He flipped it around, struck it against the gun, and it sprang to life. Brody shoved the match against the dead leaves and the fire spread.

Todd sat up. In the flickering light, he stared at the flames with a blank expression, then crawled closer to the growing fire and curled up on the ground.

Brody tossed more wood on the fire. The ring of light spread outward. “Todd, are you all right?”

Todd didn’t move.

A gurgling sound came from close by. Shifting quickly, Brody pointed his gun toward the blackness. He was terrified of this creature, but he was desperate to stay alive.

As fast as he could, he grabbed dead limbs and sticks and threw them on the fire. Light was keeping this thing away. Light was keeping them alive. Darkness would bring death.

Knowing he had fired several times, he pulled the Henry’s lever down to check the chamber. The gun was empty. Fear coursed through him until he remembered the shell he had dropped. Frantically, he fished the last cartridge out of his pant’s pocket. Standing, he shoved his last bullet into the Henry and aimed toward the wall of darkness beyond the firelight. As the fire died back, the light shrank and Brody listened intently.


He couldn’t see past the fading firelight, nor did he hear anything else for a while, nothing but the crackling of the flames. He hoped if he hadn’t hit it, at least he had scared it away. He breathed a sigh of relief and scrounged for tinder as far into the pressing dark as he dared.


A loud crack startled him. It was still there.


A burning limb crumbled, sending up a shower of sparks before it died away to glowing embers. The ring of light halved in size. He heard soft footfalls just beyond the light.


Brody tossed more limbs on the fire and watched the light quickly grow. He caught movement of a dark shadow. The butt of the gun was on his shoulder in a second, but the monster had already moved deeper into the woods.


He lowered the rifle. There could be no more wild shots. There was only one bullet left.


Little Todd was lying next to the fire. The shocked and exhausted boy was still unconscious, defenseless.


Brody recalled the dying man by the creek. He had been gouged and scored multiple times by this strange two-clawed creature.


He tightened his jaw. As long as he was still alive, he wouldn’t let the same thing happen to Todd.

Far across the mountains, the sky lit up. Lightening danced a jagged path across the sky, and moments later deep thunder boomed. Brody waited for the sound to die away. He put the last stick into the precious fire.

Please, please… don’t let it rain.

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Research Trip To Fort Smith For THE DEVILS TRAP

We had a wonderful trip to Fort Smith, Arkansas recently.  Research takes a lot of time but even if you write fiction you need to do it.

A great big THANK YOU goes to the museum, historical building, and jail for all your help!

20131111_172630 20131109_12123820131109_134122 20131112_114445 20131109_141112 20131112_121720 20131109_110056

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The Devils Backbone Cover Joe Carlton Knife-maker

My pastor and good friend, Joe Carlton, made the knife that’s on the cover of The Devils Backbone.

Bro Joe

He did a fine job and I’m proud to own one of his knives.

The musket on the cover belonged to my grandfather. I’m working on the second in the series now and I’m told the cover design is going to be totally different!

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Henry Rifles and The Devils Backbone – Proud of The USA

Henry Repeating Rifles are some of the finest firearms made. They started in 1862 and have been located in the United States ever since.
As a matter of fact, President Anthony Imperato’s company motto is “Henry rifles will only be made in America or they won’t be made at all.”


That’s American Pride!

Lifetime Warranty and every part is made in the USA.

Take a look at my novel The Devils Backbone with a wonderful blurb from Anthony Imperato

“A riveting tale of adventure with a cast of characters as tough and timeless as
the rifles we make.”-Anthony Imperato, President of Henry Repeating Arms

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Goodreads Giveaway! Five Copies of The Devils Backbone Free

Goodreads is giving away five copies of The Devils Backbone!

Go ENTER and good luck!

Or, if you’re not the lucky type and never win anything. Just go HERE and get a copy.

Cover fade photo3 (2)


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The Devils Backbone in Print And Kindle

My novel is finished! In print and Kindle. If you like it, please leave a review on Amazon. Please share. Thanks!!!
CLICK HERE or the book cover.

Cover fade photo3 (2)

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School Talks For The Devil’s Backbone – Civil War Chest

Schools are calling and I’ve got a special treat for them.
My Civil War chest has some neat things inside and I’m bringing it with me! A great learning experience.

civil war chest

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Finally, It’s Finished. The Road To Writing A Book

I’m done!

The easy part was thinking up the story and putting it on paper.

The hard part was edit after edit. At some point, a writer gets fed up with looking at the same project. Then, you’ll want to push it on out to agents, publishers, or the world. But DON’T.

Hang in there. Put it away for a while. Go back to it and keep going back until you are sure it’s ready.

I lost count on The Devil’s Backbone. Five or six trips though, editing-rewriting.

The Happy Dance has started!

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Survival Expert Dave Canterbury Trail Markers Blazing

Dave Canterbury from Discovery Channel’s first two seasons of Dual Survival has agreed to let me post some of his videos to help my readers picture how hunters and trappers lived in the 1800’s.

My upcoming novel, The Devil’s Backbone, is set in the 1800’s.

In this video Dave explains how trails were marked.

Here you will find Dave’s Pathfinder Store with lots of great information and cool survival products for sale.

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