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Arkansas Author Writes Stranger Than Fiction 1800’s Serial Killer

After I had written my second historical fiction novel, which included the story of a wild man in Indian Territory-1880’s, I sent my novel to my editor.

His reply was, ‘I love it, but I want you to expand more on your wild man character.” So I did, which also led me to do more research on serial killers during this time period. What did I find?

After a ton of research, I found a true story of  ‘The Panther’ and was amazed how close true-life matched the fictional story I had written in The Devil’s Trap. I adapted the amazing true story of The Osage Killer into my novel.

Here’s the links to articles about the Indian Territory Serial Killer.

A Great Blog About The Killer

Newspaper Link

Another Newspaper Link The Osage Killer

Probably The Most Detailed Article

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 8.03.10 PM


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The Devil’s Trap Cover Reveal – April 17th

image_863386The second novel in this series, The Devil’s Trap, is in the editing process! The cover will be released on April 17th. The novel will come out this fall.

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The Devils Backbone Cover Joe Carlton Knife-maker

My pastor and good friend, Joe Carlton, made the knife that’s on the cover of The Devils Backbone.

Bro Joe

He did a fine job and I’m proud to own one of his knives.

The musket on the cover belonged to my grandfather. I’m working on the second in the series now and I’m told the cover design is going to be totally different!

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Massive Oak Tree – Education In Nature

Oak trees are known for their strength. We found a rather large one on our property last year.


This one is over twenty feet around and six feet thick. An educated guess would put this tree somewhere around 288 years old. Go HERE to estimate a tree’s age without having to cut it down or bore into it.

That means an acorn fell to the ground sometime around the year 1725 and started this tree’s story. (Before the Revolutionary War!)

There are around 600 species of oaks.

A mature oak will produce about 2,000 acorns per year. A monster like this one will more than double that number. People all through history have been using the acorn for food. HERE is a neat article explaining how the Indians made acorn flour.

Even though this tree is a big one, it’s dwarfed in size by The Angel Oak – Located in South Carolina. It’s also called ‘The Millennium Tree’  and is Situated in Angel Oak Park. It has grown to be 65 feet tall and 9 feet wide. Estimates reveal that this tree is around 1,000 years or more.
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5 Ways To Have A Fun Fishing Trip

5.  Plan to leave the house at 7am, but actually leave at 9am.

4. Forget to bring the bug spray.

3. Be sure to include all your friends, even the hairy ones!


2. Drive far away from home, the more secluded the better.

1. Make sure you have a jack and spare tire!!!


The best fishing(or any other) trips are the imperfect ones. That is where good memories are made. You never hear someone say, “Remember that time we went fishing, caught a few fish, and nothing else happened?”

Life is much the same. Mine has not been perfect. Bad things happen, that’s just the way it is. We should still enjoy life through it all. From my mouth you’ll never hear, “Remember when nothing ever happened in my life?”

The good, the bad, that’s what makes memories. Everything in-between is forgotten.

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Bobcat In November – Education In Nature

Picture your pet cat, except double in size, spotted coat, large paws, tufts of hair on the tips of the ears, and a short tail. The bobcat is the most common wild cat in the Untied States.

They eat just about anything they can catch, including baby deer(fawns), rodents, rabbits, and birds.

Bobcats live 6-10years in the wild and up to 25years in captivity.

Despite being threatened in the 1900’s, the cat population is very stable now with at least 1-million bobcats in the wild.

Last year (2012) I captured a young cat on film. They are beautiful animals. You can hear me making squeaking sounds in the video to make the bobcat stop. He went into the brush and I turned the camera off, thinking he was gone, but he hid and stalked the animal(me) that was making the squeaking sound. After a few minutes, he came out of the brush and crossed to the other side, but I wasn’t quick enough to get any more film.


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Henry Rifles and The Devils Backbone – Proud of The USA

Henry Repeating Rifles are some of the finest firearms made. They started in 1862 and have been located in the United States ever since.
As a matter of fact, President Anthony Imperato’s company motto is “Henry rifles will only be made in America or they won’t be made at all.”


That’s American Pride!

Lifetime Warranty and every part is made in the USA.

Take a look at my novel The Devils Backbone with a wonderful blurb from Anthony Imperato

“A riveting tale of adventure with a cast of characters as tough and timeless as
the rifles we make.”-Anthony Imperato, President of Henry Repeating Arms

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Goodreads Giveaway! Five Copies of The Devils Backbone Free

Goodreads is giving away five copies of The Devils Backbone!

Go ENTER and good luck!

Or, if you’re not the lucky type and never win anything. Just go HERE and get a copy.

Cover fade photo3 (2)


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The Devils Backbone in Print And Kindle

My novel is finished! In print and Kindle. If you like it, please leave a review on Amazon. Please share. Thanks!!!
CLICK HERE or the book cover.

Cover fade photo3 (2)

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School Talks For The Devil’s Backbone – Civil War Chest

Schools are calling and I’ve got a special treat for them.
My Civil War chest has some neat things inside and I’m bringing it with me! A great learning experience.

civil war chest

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